We, the Working Committee, are the representatives of the people of District 6. We have been mandated to engage all stakeholders and role players, as well as  to approach the Land Claims Court on behalf of all Late Claimants in regards to the Land Restitution(Land Claims) process, which re-opens on the 20th of June  2013, as announced by President Jacob Zuma in his most recent State of the Nation speech.                                                                                                                                    Preamble                                                We, the people of who suffered intolerably under the shameful legacy of racially discrimminatory of the past pledge that we shall never again be party to any legislation or system which will lead to the misery and dispair of our fellow contrymen & Women.                                                                    We further pledge to reverse the legacy of apartheid by preserving our heritage, promoting social equality, rooting out corruption,alleviating poverty & sharing in the success & wealth of the land with the conviction that we shall always hold true to the constitution of South Africa.                                                                                         Vision         Sustainable urban renewal that embraces Equity, Cultural Diversity, Social Cohesion & Prosperity.                                                                                                                                        Mission                   mandated to seek true restorative justice that will serve as a catalyst for all urban land reform.                                                                              We are embarking on a campaign to assemble and register the entire community of claimants, who were excluded in the previous registration process which ended on the 31st of Dec 1998. We appeal to your sense of humanity & generosity and seek that you support us morally and financially with all our future endeavors.     The time to act is now!
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